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Cryper is a light-weight file encryption tool that locks and secures data
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Cryper is a light-weight file encryption tool that locks and secures data. The application uses an efficient method to protect all kinds of files and folders in your PC, allowing you to encrypt and decrypt not only single or multiple files but also entire folders with all their contents. The application uses a 1024-block proprietary encryption algorithm, CR1, that is open source.

What Cryper does, is it creates an encrypted, password-protected copy of any file or folder that you select, so you can then upload these files to the cloud, save them on a USB disk, or take them with you on any device, and rest assured that no one will be able to access your data without authorization. Encrypted files will have the CR1 extension and only the user who knows the password will be able to open them.

Cryper is designed with ease of use in mind, with a clear-cut layout that makes the file/folder encryption or decryption process easy to carry out. The first step before selecting the files or folders to encrypt is defining a security method, which could be a password or a key file. A key file is basically a password file containing random bytes that the app creates based on the coordinates of mouse movements, which ensures extra security. Choosing files/ folders for encryption is simple and you can just drag and drop files to the app or use the built-in file explorer to locate your files. These files will be processed and by default saved to the source location, but the app lets you set a custom output location from the app settings. The settings section offers a few interesting extra options, like the possibility of encrypting file names and deleting the source files.

Extra options include the possibility of creating self-decrypting files with .exe extension and encrypting text strings without saving them to a file.

In short, Cryper offers a simple, efficient, and secure encryption solution for sensitive data. The app comes in two version, Personal and Professional, and a free 14-day evaluation version is available for download.

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  • Simple and efficient encryption of files and folders
  • User-friendly interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Integrates with Windows Explorer


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